Shutterbugs, the Tata Motors’ Photography Club, and Wanderers, Tata Motors’ Nature Lovers and Adventure Club, were both launched in an endeavor to bring together employees connected by a common passion. They have been a real success and have transformed into a forum for employees to share, develop and hone their talent. VConnect clubs are one of the largest platforms for idea sharing and employee connect.

"I was taking baby steps into digital photography at the time of joining Tata Motors. Amidst tight working schedules on weekdays, I was able to hone my hobby into serious passion in a short time. This became possible from ample opportunities that opened up within the company itself - from Shutterbugs Club activities, various competitions and a plethora of awe inspiring nature present around Pune. There are good peer groups of all ages contributing to various exciting initiatives. Tata Motors Limited clubs have helped my talents get noticed, giving me a new identity as an artistic photographer, which is very fulfilling."

Raviteja Palanki

"I joined Tata Motors in 2012. During this wonderful journey, the Shutterbugs club has enthused me a lot. I liked this whole concept of sharing experiences of 'after office-hours' with everyone, and loved to see my peers getting creative in the way they captured moments. Each picture depicted life at Tata Motors, be it about the joy of celebrating festivals, showcasing antique items, or even signifying colors present in life."

Asav Solanki