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Senior Manager (L5)- CMF Designer

Date: Mar 25, 2021

Location: MH, IN

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Position Summary with Job Responsibilities

Purpose of the position-
a.    Why does this position exist?
b.    What will happen if there is no one in the position (no one performs the work)?
a.    CMF Designers are critical to business success for our products across BUs. Their visual creative solutions for exteriors and interiors have a considerable impact on value perception by our customers. 
b.    Lack of CMF activity will prevent effective and competitive products from reaching the market and will detract significantly from our brand value. 

Dimensions of the position-
Non-Financial: Enhancing the brand identification and reinforcing Design identity.
Financial: N/A – this is essentially a creative role. 


postgraduate qualification in Automotive or Design from a reputed institution

Work Experience

Personal Profile-
Education-Postgraduate in Automotive or Product Design. Specialisation in Automotive CMF Design will be an advantage. 

Skills/Competencies-CMF Design, Knowledge of materials, Trends awareness specific to CMF Design and Design in general, Digital Rendering, Supplier liaising, effective communication across Design functions

Relevant Experience : 8-12 years in automotive CMF design

Key Responsibilities:
S.N.    Key Responsibility & Key Tasks    Measures
1    -    CMF Design Conceptualisation
-    Mood-board and customer profiling
-    Illustration and presentation of concept outcomes
-    Interface with CMF Design counterparts across Global Design    -    Quality of the aesthetic and timeliness of the delivery
-    Clear and demonstrated understanding of customers and markets through convincing solutions.
-    Strong grasp of colour and materials, expression and digital visualisation
-    Good cross-cultural communication skills

2    -    Customer Trends Research
-    Forecasting of colour and material expectations in future market contexts
-    Understanding of target market lifestyles    -    Capacity to research across domains, publications and the Internet to generate informative and structured Trends reports.
-    Constant monitoring of evolving colour preferences across cultures, with the ability to interpret and  predict comprehensively. 
-    Clear understanding of customer aspirations and preferences in lifestyles, as demonstrated through reports.

Tata Motors Leadership Competencies

Customer Centricity - Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations
Developing Self and Others - Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel
Driving Execution - Translating strategy into action and execution
Leading by Example - Encouraging and following ethical standards
Leading Change - Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change
Motivating Self and Others - Inspiring teams and individuals

Functional Competencies


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