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Admin & Security Head

Date: Jan 29, 2020

Position Summary with Job Responsibilities

The role is responsible to manage administration and security at the plant level including bus transport, route optimization, departmental cars, house-keeping, general administration, guest-house, travel and plant visit management, fire safety activities, general  and material security and vigilance

1.Administration management:
Mange the Bus transport, route optimization and departmental cars allocation for the employees
Manage housekeeping, canteen and general admin
Co-ordinate for the travel, hotels / guesthouse booking, plant visits
2.Security Management:
Conduct safety initiatives, fire mock drills and checking whether fire safety equipment are up-to-date
Monitor general and material security and movements.
Maintain vigilance within and outside plant

Bachelor Equivalent - Other
Work Experience

10-12 years of plant experience in handling admin and security functions

Preferred Industry-Any Industry- comparable scale of operations and complexity

Tata Motors Leadership Competencies
Developing Self and Others - Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel
Leading Change - Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change
Driving Execution - Translating strategy into action and execution
Leading by Example - Encouraging and following ethical standards
Motivating Self and Others - Inspiring teams and individuals
Customer Centricity - Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations
Functional Competencies

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