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Senior Manager(L5) -Digital Solutions

Date: Nov 24, 2023

Location: Pune, IN

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Position Summary with Job Responsibilities

Position Description Format
Position Title: External Aerodynamics and Underhood Thermal Management CAE Engineer
Position Name    Analyst-CFD: External Aero & Underhood thermal management    Position level    L5
DEM position name    Lead External Aero & Underhood thermal management    DEM position level    L4
FEM position name    NA    FEM position level    NA
Purpose of the position
a.Why the positions exists?
b.What will happen if there is no one in the position (no one performs the work)?
a)•Understand and deliver on external aero and Underhood thermal attributes for ongoing and new vehicle development Program in virtual digital domain.
•To develop Methods & Process to enhance external aero & Underhood thermal domain simulation attribute coverage in virtual simulation domain.
•Co-ordinate analysis activities on day-to-day basis with concerned stakeholders.
b)Not having such position will hinder vehicle product development and organisation will deliver non optimised products w.r.t external aero & Underhood thermal domain. This will also limit development of new competency in digital space and curtail innovative culture. Organisation will loose on its competitive edge in market w.r.t to initiatives like right first time, shorter product timeline, new forever and WCQ
Dimensions of the position
Financial: NA
Non-financial: NA
Personal Profile
Education    M Tech in Mechanical Engineering / Aerospace Engineering
1)Sound knowledge of mechanical engineering / aerospace engineering. 
2)In-depth knowledge of fluid mechanics, aerospace engineering heat transfer, automotive engineering. 
3)In depth knowledge of finite volume methods, turbulence modelling, structured & unstructured grids, wall functions.
4)Working knowledge of exterior aerodynamics, water dirt, Underhood thermal and heat exchanger airflow simulations and tests 
5)In-depth knowledge of finite volume, digital optimization analysis & following CAE tools,
a)Pre-processing tools- ANSA, Hypermesh, T-grid volume meshing, Powerflow
b)CFD Solver- Ansys Fluent, Powerflow, Openfoam 
c)Post-processing tools- Ensight, CFD post, Powerflow post
6)CAE expert for developing / improving products for external aero and Underhood domain.
7Should have skill sets for Project management, team management & planning. 
8)Able to demonstrate leadership skills for customer centricity and driving execution.
Relevant Experience:
5+ years


Work Experience

Key Responsibilities:
S.N.    Key Responsibility & Key Tasks    Measures
1Co-ordinate analysis activities on day-to-day basis
1.Support digital validation activities in on day-to-day basis –
•SOW management.
•Assure quality of deliverables.
•Track, monitor & deliver as per daily schedule. 
2.Technical delivery of digital validation activities on daily basis – 
•Execute as per defined processes to deliver results with right quality.
•Work-out feasible design solutions along with design COC to all identified risks. Attend relevant meetings for projects.
•Support by simulation activities to assess what-if scenarios for comparative studies of design concepts.    •    PDSR score
•Number of reports
2Ensure quality & completeness of inputs for I-source/ ODC projects. 
1.Thorough checking SOW quality and inputs
•Check quality of inputs for I-source/ODC projects on daily basis as per process documents.
•Check completeness of inputs for I-source/ODC projects on daily basis as per process documents.
2.Execute simulation tasks assigned individually by senior analyst or function lead.
•Timely closure of projects.
•Number of quality issues skipped 
3Support process & methods development
1.Support process improvement initiatives
•Support process automation tasks.
•Support process documentation tasks.
2.Support method development initiatives
•Execute assigned tasks regarding methods development.
3.Perform correlation activity - test Vs CFD results & to fine tune CFD model / methods while collecting relevant data from test
Number of core capability projects.
•Number of process automation projects.
•Number of technical papers/IPRs
•% Correlation 

Tata Motors Leadership Competencies

Customer Centricity - Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations
Developing Self and Others - Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel
Driving Execution - Translating strategy into action and execution
Leading by Example - Encouraging and following ethical standards
Leading Change - Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change
Motivating Self and Others - Inspiring teams and individuals

Functional Competencies


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