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Sr Manager COC FMQ

Date: Feb 12, 2024

Location: Pune, IN

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Purpose of the Role

This position is responsible for taking all prioritized Quality issues & failures of the current model/ program through Design, Part and Process Teams to prevent its recurrence in the new programs & also identify/ prevent occurrence of  potential issues/ failures by adopting Failure Mode Avoidance approach during new program development phases within the procedures and framework as laid down for the FMQ function 

Job Responsibility

1. Failure mode avoidance- Past failures/ learnings 
Update Quality history document based on past failures & finalize QIB for the program based on change content 
Participate in program specific QIB/ Issue based learning CFT workshops & upload the issues in MiNT3 for resolution as per guidelines 
Ensure recurrence prevention by addressing the failure modes through DFMEA, DVP strengthening & robust design validation         

2. Failure mode avoidance- HIHR parts 
Ensure Failure mode avoidance statement & Quality requirements are included in RFQ.  
Participate in TRSO & TMKO clearance meetings and ensure quality requirements are accepted and fulfilled before go ahead is given for final tooling     
Review the progress of CTQ cascading Loops as per program milestones & Gen3 requirements. Escalate gaps/ risks at appropriate time for mitigation     
Ensure occurrence prevention through strict adherence to FMA process; robust design & process validation/ consistency monitoring during PPAP run. 

3. Design reviews & Benchmarking inputs     
Participate in aggregate wise design reviews & support design maturation based on past learnings 
Share issue based benchmarking inputs/ best practices to improve design & process robustness

Stakeholder Profiles & Nature of Interactions

QIBs and receive communication on FMEA meetings. This position will also receive schedule of DMUs. FMEA and DMU exercises. This position will provide technical file as a part of SOR for RFQ. Green reports/ FIRs for parts being validated at indoor/ outdoor testing facilities in ERC. Discussing and Escalating the long pending issues for resolution to avoid recurrence of past failures in new models 

Product Line 
Interacting for RFQs which are required to go through FMQ for preparation of Quality Requirements and giving inputs to Technical Part of RFQ 
Highlight TMKO open points during final tool kick-off to ensure quality requirements are met 

Advance Quality
SOR for RFQs as Quality File in case of HIHR and MIMR parts. This position will interact with suppliers during tech review. Tool kick off sign-off/ CTQ cascading loops for HIHR parts produced at Supplier end. Discussing and Escalating the long pending issues for prevention of past failures & occurrence of potential failures in new models 

SOR for RFQs as Quality File in case of HIHR and MIMR parts being produced in-house or in case of TML, provide fixtures/ dies to vendors. Tool kick off sign-off/ MPAP for in house produced HIHR parts. Tool try-out reports at manufacturer's end and HLTO part IR/ MRs. Discussing and Escalating the long pending issues for prevention of past failures & occurrence of potential failures in new models 

Quality Launch Manager
Hand-hold with quality launch manager for validating failure modes affected by process. Confirmations on FMEAs being taken care in Process Planning with adequate Poka Yokes (in case of FMEAs not being addressed in Design). Update on build issues & will support its resolution  

FMQ - Digital Product Assessment  & QAP Manager 
Assessment results with list of issues observed on released data/ vehicle build. This position will provide resolution status of issues & key open points 

FMQ - Name Plates
Program status & urgencies, Build status, Validation status & Green reports. HIHR MIMR LILR classification of parts & its development status wrt milestones requirements. Status update on Green Report review & other open points. 

Desired Candidate Profile

Education B.E./B.Tech/ (MBA/ PGDM Preferred) 
Minimum education qualification    Basic: B.E./ B. Tech. (Any)         
Minimum experience requirement    07-10 years         
Working knowledge requirement    Automobile OEMs / Auto-Ancillary/ Manufacturing Industry; Vehicle Product Knowledge and Functioning of all Aggregates, PPAP, SPC Studies, DFMEAs, APQP, Problem Solving Techniques- 8D, Basic Knowledge of Vehicle Design 

Skills & Competencies

Driving Execution 
Customer Centricity 
Leading Change 
Operations Management 
Problem solving orientation.  
Risk management 

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