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Senior Manager - Tool Room

Date: Mar 29, 2024

Location: Sanand, IN

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Purpose of the Role

To design, develop, procure and maintain tooling requirements for the assigned shops in a timely manner while keeping the costs in control; Support for tool planning & technical guidance at the supplier end to ensure smooth supply and of materials. 

Job Responsibility


  • Tool Design & Development (New Projects, ECNs, Replacements etc) :-  

Review the feasibility study in case of new projects and critical tooling requirements (ECNs etc) in order to access the work content for the design process. 
Review the designs & provide inputs to the PE design department in order to optimize cost, timelines and design parameters.
Participate in the Design Approval Process (DAP) discussion with the indenting/user department in case of critical tooling requirements in order to resolve issues & obtain additional inputs prior to finalization of design parameters. 
Resolve any drawing related issues at the supplier end and take necessary corrective actions in case of escalations.
Review the execution of functional try-outs in a timely manner and take necessary actions to resolve bottlenecks; Participate in try outs in case of critical tooling requirements and yield improvement projects.

  • Tool Maintenance/Tech Support (including Vendor facilities):- 

Review the breakdowns in tools/fixtures and take necessary corrective actions in order to prevent/minimize loss in production on a weekly basis. 
Review the root cause of tools/fixture breakdowns and provide inputs for counter measures in case of repetitive breakdowns/critical issues on a monthly basis. 
Monitor the smooth implementation of internal & external audits and closure of non-conformities in a timely manner.

  • Inventory Control & Vendor Management :- 

Review the status of purchase orders/pending indents on a monthly basis and interact with the existing vendors to optimize response time and resolve critical issues on a need basis.  
Review the consumption trends for stock items in order to determine the inventory levels and take necessary corrective action (if any) on a monthly basis. 
Review and approve the Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) to minimize the cost of repair/replacement of tools/fixtures. 
Facilitate/Authorize the delivery of tooling requirements from the stores to the vendor end by coordinating with concerned agencies (APL, ADD, SCM etc) in a timely manner. 

  • Budget Planning:- 

Review and finalize the capital budget requirements for the department and forward to Planning Department for necessary approvals on an annual basis. 
Review and approve the CEPC request note containing the cost comparisons (prior to additional approvals and forward to Planning department for capital budget sanctions(in case of new projects, ECNs etc). 
Review and finalize the revenue budgets for assigned shops based on the analysis of tooling/spares consumption and future requirements and obtain necessary approvals on an annual basis. 

  • Others:- 

Analyse the root cause and facilitate the implementation of improvements related to tooling design identified Production/Quality department or through suggestions/ Kaizen by the Tooling Maintenance department in case of escalations. 
Provide design and development support for refurbishment activities (including at vendor facilities) and take necessary action to remove bottlenecks to implementation. 
Intervene with the concerned authorities (IT Department) to ensure availability of systems/licenses in order to maintain productivity of the PE Design Department. 

  • People Management:-  

Design organization structure for the department and review with various heads for its implementation  
Participate in interviews to hire all team members and coordinate with HR to arrange for manpower for smooth running of functions 

Stakeholder Profiles & Nature of Interactions

Head-Location Mfg Engineering 
Admin & Functional Reporting for Target setting & review 

Need assessment for new projects, DAP discussions, resolution of critical issues & try outs 

Mfg Engineering 
Need assessment for ECN /other shop requirements, Capital budget approvals, resolution of critical issues & try outs 

Manufacturing Technical guidance, support for quality improvements and sustenance, tooling capacity enhancements 

PE (other locations) 
New tooling design & manufacturing,  DAPs & try outs, discussions on simultaneous engineering etc 

P & SC 
Asset (tooling) management & technical support to suppliers 

Support for quality issue resolution w.r.t tooling 

Support for feasibility study in case of ECN & new projects during design stages 

Budget approvals and release of payments 

Availability of software & hardware, IT issue resolution 

Manpower related requirements & trainings 

Implementation of safety standards. 

Desired Candidate Profile

Education Diploma (Tool Engineering/ Tool Design) or B.E /M.Tech(Mechanical / PE/Tool Design) 
Relevant Experience : About 18-21/12-15 years end to end Experience in Automobiles/Auto Ancillaries. 

Skills & Competencies

Behavioural (Tata Leadership Practices) 
Drive for Result 
Innovation Management 
Functional Excellence 
Customer Focus 

Tool Design and Development Processes 
Knowledge of  Business financials 
Project Management 

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